Zim's 'golden' girls

THERE are so many things that can be said about the women behind the men in the country’s presidium and the term “golden girls” fits into their stature.

First Lady Grace Mugabe, Auxilia Mnangagwa and Laurinda Mphoko who are married to President Robert Mugabe, vice presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko respectively are always shinning as all that glitters on them are the gold accessories they put on.

Grace, who is the leader of the pack likes to go all out in whatever she does and says, and it also shows on what she wears.

Her gold hook earrings seem to have become a trademark as she is spotted at almost every event putting them on.
And they dangle as she dramatically emphasises her points as she blows the whistle on errant members of Zanu PF.

She might have had an eye for diamond rings, when she ordered a $1,3 million dollar ring, apparently a present from her 93-year-old husband, but she seems to love her gold even more.

At party rallies and gatherings, she points her fingers of her beautifully manicured hands into the crowd, chastising naughty party members who want to topple her husband, her gold rings, which are usually not less than four shine, drawing people’s attention.

However, the first lady never forgets her party and national dress colours as she usually complements them with gold bangles or watch, matched with red green and yellow rubber bangles.

She doesn’t stop there, her necklaces are made of the same mineral and last Friday she went further and spiced everything with a golden waist chain to pop some colour on her black dress

However, Zimbabweans have criticised her for “showing off” her wealth to hungry citizens whom she gives bales of donated second hand clothes and shoes.

She even went on to tell party officials to have compassion over the poor Zimbabweans who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Amazing Grace, as some call her, even went further to so say people must love themselves as they are and not put some elements to beautify themselves, with things like skin bleaching products.

And she did this as she beamed her eyes through gold rimmed glasses.

And then there is Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s wife Laurinda.

Unlike Grace, Laurinda does not say much in public and many Zimbabweans do not even know the sound of her voice.

But she’s usually there looking blushful sitting next to her husband.

Her hands which are sometimes locked in with her husband’s, are always accessorised with some gold bling.
Her earrings, her bangles always have that golden shimmer.

She even adds a brochette to her outfits to pop some gold glitter on them.

However, in a sad development last year, she became a target of robbers in South Africa who stole goods and jewellery worth around R1m (about $76 274).

Mphoko, who was on her way to the Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg, was allegedly stopped by four men who pretended to be police officers, before they robbed her.

They demanded personal belongings, which included a ruby-and-diamond ring, bangles, $1 000, a Cartier watch and a Samsung Galaxy phone.

As for Auxilia Mnangagwa, if she loves gold, then her love is subtle as she usually does not go all out with accessories.

At most occasions, she is just seen with some golden ring and earrings.—Bridget Mananavire

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