Mugabe should take a rest, he deserves it

WE, JUST like most patriotic and worried Zimbabweans, watched President Robert Mugabe’s annual birthday eve birthday interview and to say that we were shocked by our leader’s poise, voice and apparent struggle with words is an understatement because it was actually heartbreaking.

Mugabe, who is now 93 and is the world oldest leader, mumbled over words and seemed to lose even track of what he was saying as he incredibly declared he would be our leader until after he is voted out of office in an election and if not he would plough on.

We say it was incredible because even though the will was apparent, the body was tired. It is no longer an opposition gimmick to say the Zanu PF leader has now become a liability who will not inspire any right-thinking investor to put money in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe, has ruled Zimbabwe for the past 37 years and incredibly in his interview, he claims there is none in the ruling party to take over after him.

While that is not a concern for us — it just shades light on the type of leadership we have in Cabinet, they are all incompetent.

Mugabe’s interview was revealing in as much as it shed light on his own misgivings on ministers — and thus also on his own competency to lead when he surrounds himself with deadwood.

He knows all too well they are incompetent and does not need them around him.

Thus in a way, the nonagenarian vindicated what we have always said, he is too old and grossly incompetent thus his continued association with deadwood.

From the interview, we could safely conclude that we are essentially on autopilot as the captain is now tired and seems to be losing track of events.

Mugabe was once vibrant and dynamic, he was once a captivating speaker who grabbed world attention through his demagoguery, but not anymore.

We need solutions to the problems Zimbabweans are facing and this is no time to cling to wartime glories and past achievements, this time to put our shoulder to the wheel but certainly not on the shoulders of a 93-year-old man.

While we believe in democracy, free speech and the right to associate, we would like Mugabe to take the country seriously because he cannot dismiss his troops as incompetent and at the same time expect the masses to keep faith in the same people.

Why Mugabe does not fire the not-so-competent ministers is not only cause for concern but also clear testimony that the man has driven the country into a rut and cannot be expected to solve the problems at hand.

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