Carl, wife 'homeless'

OMEDIAN Carl Joshua Ncube has taken matters into his own hands, after several attempts and failures at being crowned the country’s ambassador; the comedian is doing it alone.

Carl and his wife Nelsy said goodbye to Kadoma Village Inn which they were running for the past year, to explore other options.

“As we pack our stuff moving out of Kadoma and officially becoming homeless in some people’s eyes, I thought to share a bit on our new adventure for 2017.

“Nelsy and I plan on travelling the world as creative nomads essentially hopping from country to country living without an address — so here is how it is all going to go,” he said.

In January, Carl and Nelsy visited several tourist destination places including Kariba and Hwange. They already have an entire year’s itinerary up their sleeves.

“We leave Zimbabwe for a brief stay in Botswana before going to South Africa for some comedy engagements in Durban and Johannesburg.”

Ncube will also host the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) on February 17.

“When our comedy schedule ends we will take a trip to Cape Town to sample some food, wine and brandy courtesy of our friend and top sommelier Tinashe Nyamudoka.

“In April, I am joined by Irish comedian and friend Aidan Killian. I will be taking him to some awesome African countries I have performed comedy in and also to identify talent on the continent for future shows I hope to produce for USA, Asia and Europe.

“This should be so much fun as we are also shooting a documentary on this trip. Killian’s tour will kick start the creation of a comedy circuit in Africa that can start a great cultural exchange between African Comics and ones from around the world. This is in partnership with Mad About Comedy,” he said.

In May, Carl and his wife will be in Europe for some open mic comedy shows as well as hosting a yet to be confirmed awards ceremony.

They plan to go back to Asia which they toured last year.

“They loved us so much so they asked to come back for another tour. I will also be making final touches to an Asia tour of African comedians I am producing with Mad About Comedy, a brand I will be representing to create a comedy circuit in Africa in July.”

In September, they will be hosted by a friend in Mexico.

“I will be using my time in Mexico to use my animation knowledge to develop learning tools for children learning English and hopefully learn some Spanish in the process.

“I am sure my cooking will also receive a much- needed boost and Mexican food is Nelsy’s favourite, what better gift than a month in Mexico right?”

In December, the couple will take their first break in six years that is work free.

Carl launched his comedy career in 2010 and has not stopped since then.

He is also currently awaiting his Guinness Book of Records crown for the highest number of comedy shows in a week.

He finished 31 shows in a week two weeks ago, out of the desired 35, but this puts him in the running for the record in September.

The record he is attempting to break is currently held by Australian comedian, Mark Murphy (2007).
Murphy did 30 comedy shows in a week, in 30 different venues around Australia, from October 14 to 20, 2007.
Carl’s manager and wife, Nelsy said they were confident of breaking the record.
— Sharon Muguwu

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