N'anga dupes job seeker

A Self-styled Highfield n’anga who duped a client of close to $5 000 after promising her a job within two days was slapped with 18 months’ imprisonment.

He was convicted of extortion charges before Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta.

Six months was suspended on condition of good behaviour, another six months falls away if he compensates the victim and the rest was set aside for 210 hours of community service at Machipisa Police Station.
The complainant is Takunda Nyengerai of Old Mabvuku in Harare.

Prosecutor Lovemore Siamunda proved that sometime in May last year Nyengerai saw an advert in a local newspaper in which Mbaisa was portraying himself as a spiritual healer.

“Dr Aklan pay after results and get a job within two days”, read the advert.

Nyengerai contacted Mbaisa through the mobile number that was supplied on the advert.

Mbaisa then told Nyengerai to send $100 into his EcoCash account for her to secure the employment.

Nyengerai complied but did not get the job after two days as indicated by Mbaisa and called him asking for a refund.
However, to Nyengerai’s surprise Mbaisa began threatening that he would kill her mother if she continued pestering him for the refund.

Mbaisa then instructed Nyengerai to deposit another $500 and save her mother’s life.

Nyengerai complied with Mbaisa’s orders fearing that he would cast a spell on her mum and sourced for another $500 before depositing into the EcoCash account.

Mbaisa kept sending threats and demanded a total amount $4 153 sent through the EcoCash account which he said would guarantee protection of her friends and relatives from dying.

Nyengerai later realised that she had been duped and reported the matter to the police.

Mbaisa was traced and arrested leading to the recovery of two cell-phones and a sim card used to commit the offence. —Tarisai Machakaire

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