I enjoyed my holidays: Mugabe

AT a time when civil servants are yet to get their 2016 bonuses and when the future, for ordinary Zimbabweans looks bleak due to an economic meltdown — President Robert Mugabe and his family are seemingly enjoying themselves — flying high, water skiing and enjoying choice cuisine.

Mugabe who sneaked into the country on Friday last week and left some 16 hours later for an African Union (AU) summit in Ethiopia, told the State media upon his arrival at the Harare International Airport that he enjoyed his holiday.

The globe-trotting strongman returned home on Tuesday and was greeted by potholes, water woes, rivulets of sewage, power cuts, typhoid and uncertainty. And he does not see all these because his home is ensconced far from the madding crowd.
Seemingly, oblivious to the rot caused by his 37-year rule Mugabe was in buoyant mood and revealed apart from that he had made two official trips when he was on holiday that his vacation — a pipedream for many — was “enjoyable”.

“We were on vacation but we used it during our stay in China to meet our brother and friend President Xi Jinping to express our programmes here and to explain progress we have made and progress we have not made. The need we still have for China to fund some of the projects which need funding, but it was a beautiful stay. As usual the president of China promised he would help us,” said Mugabe.

While Mugabe could have a beautiful stay in foreign lands, with his children pictured skiing — for the ordinary folk, life is getting worse.

Last week, government announced it cannot pay bonuses for civil servants and since 2015 the broke Mugabe-led administration has been failing to pay its workers on time.

Yet in the midst of the all-encompassing gloom, the First Family is having an endless purple patch.
Mugabe’s sons are studying at top universities in Dubai, his wife Grace buys expensive clothes in foreign lands and at one time earned the moniker “Gucci Grace”.

Recently, the world learnt that the leader of one of the most impoverished countries in Africa had bought a $1,3 million ring for his wife — something that his former deputy and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader Joice Mujuru said just shows how insensitive the country’s rulers are.

“Our motherland is showing signs of total decay, nothing is working any longer. Leaders that we elected have turned against the people and they would rather buy $1 million rings to wear on the finger instead of medicine for dying children in our hospitals.

“There is no question about it, Zimbabwe needs transformation. Every young Zimbabwean needs a decent and sustainable income...they deserve a better life in their own country, Diaspora is good but not in the form of economic refugees,” said Mujuru.

The country’s statistics have never been grimmer, the economy is likely to contract by -2,5 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund, unemployment hovers above 90 percent and thousands of children of school going age have dropped out of school because of economic hardships.

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