'Mugabe defeat treasonous'

NEWLY-formed Children of Zimbabwe War Veterans Association (Cozwa), which is believed to be a creation of the Generation 40 (G40), has gone a gear up in trying to appease President Robert Mugabe saying everyone must vote for the nonagenarian leader in 2018 and “anything outside that is a treasonous and vulgar-tainted escapade.”
Cozwa said no one is suitable to lead this country except Mugabe.

“Our president is a life president, God’s gift to Africa, and no fly-by-night political sub-actors can prevail in fighting him.

“He is a rock that has stood the test of time and on that note we wish to pronounce our position as an association, 2018 VaMugabe muoffice and anything outside that is a treasonous and vulgar-tainted escapade, a provocation to the resting spirits of this land.”

This comes as there are renewed fears that the debilitating violence that rocked the country when the ruling party lost the 2008 elections could flare up again.

At least 300 MDC supporters are estimated to have been murdered in cold blood after Mugabe suffered a stunning loss to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in that year’s presidential ballot — which the nonagenarian has since openly acknowledged on a number of occasions that he lost hands-down.

Cozwa also put its weight behind the controversial Mashonaland central resolution calling for the internal elections of vice presidents (VPs).

The recent resolution by Mashonaland central led by Dickson Mafios were widely seen by Team Lacoste as a move to block Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bid to succeed president Mugabe.

Cozwa coordinator Munyaradzi Shoko said their association support the controversial resolution.
“We endorse Mafios’ resolution; we think it’s very fair, if the president is elected so the VPs must also be elected. The VPs must be given the mandate to lead by the people,” Shoko said.

Recently, Vice President Mphoko also supported Mafios resolution.

He was quoted by the State media telling a Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial fundraising dinner last Saturday that while Mugabe was trusted to the point of being given full authority of the party and the government, “there is no guarantee that the same trust can be vested in any other party leader, hence the need to look beyond President Mugabe by looking at some constitutional issues which could be abused to compromise the party in future”.

The latest move to form Cozwa by G40 is a counter measure against the Team Lacoste faction which had their own children of war veterans association in their ranks.

Cozwa threatened to deal with all party members fanning factionalism.

“Those who are wearing wicked jackets of factionalism have no room in our party,” the group added.
This also comes after Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao — who is Mugabe’s nephew — has also warned ominously that he would not support presidential aspirants whose backers used allegedly nefarious methods, in an apparent dig at Mnangagwa.

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