Women in sex pill craze

WHILE men have been known to buy sex pills to boost their sexual drive, the trend has now shifted as more women seek their own female pill.

The female sex herbal pill — which boosts women’s sex drive, cleans and tightens the vagina — is highly on demand on the streets of Harare as women are desperate to increase sexual pleasure.

In an interview with the Weekend Post, one of the suppliers in Harare’s Central Business District revealed shocking statistics as over one thousand women order these pills from him per week.

Stephen Nyandoro, 50 said for the past eight months, demand for the female herbal pill has been on the rise.
He makes brisk business, especially during winter.

Nyandoro said women are desperate in cleaning and tightening their vagina as well as to boost their sexual pleasures significantly as men do.

“Most women, especially the young ones, are more into this female version of the little blue erectile dysfunction and tightening pill.

“These herbs boost libido, increase arousal and significantly improve sexual function in women,” Nyandoro says.
He claims that by tightening the vagina using his herbal products, the vaginal canal will shrink and can result in heightened sexual pleasure.

Special packages are also offered to treat fibroids and bacterial vaginosis with another designed for womb cleaning.
Nyandoro said for many years, men sexual dysfunction has been a vascular problem but nowadays, the increase of demand in herbal pills is evidence enough to show the same problem in women.

However, obstetrician and gynaecologist Colleen Mutasa warned women using herbal womb detox products that they are risking health problems, including toxic shock syndrome.

“The pills which many women are using are not only ineffective, but dangerous to the vagina,” said Mutasa.
Describing the vagina as a self-cleaning oven, she explained how inserting herbs is likely to interfere with its natural balance, damaging the good bacteria, or lactobacilli and irritating the lining, increasing the risk of getting an infection.

“The vagina is a self-cleaner and there is no need to clean it, inserting anything into the vagina for too long is dangerous and smelly,” Mutasa says.

“Many plant products and extracts are irritating and certainly none of the claimed contents have been tested for vaginal use,” she said.—Bianca Rugeje

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