Girl lied grandpa raped her

A 16-year-old Waterfalls girl left the court in awe as she confessed that she had concocted rape accusations against her 66-year-old grandfather — with her boyfriend as he avoided taking responsibility for impregnating her.

An order to have the pregnancy terminated was subsequently issued by Harare provincial magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe under the impression that Choice Hilda Jongororo had been impregnated by her grandfather Eric Jongororo.

The pregnancy was terminated but when Choice appeared to give her testimony in court she was overwhelmed with guilt over how she was about to ruin the life of a man who had raised her since birth and volunteered to confess.

As prosecutor Chipo Matambo fired questions at the delinquent minor, she gave a full account of how her boyfriend and baby-daddy Innocent Jacha had influenced her to nail her grandfather to an offence he had not committed.
“The accused person is in the dock today because I lied that he raped me,” Choice told the court.

“What happened is that when I eloped to my boyfriend’s place he told me that my pregnancy was way older than what he expected. He told me that he could not take responsibility and advised me to lie that my grandfather had raped me.
“As we talked about family, I mentioned a certain incident when my grandfather had awoken me in the night to tell me stories and he said I could use that against him and lie that he had raped me that night.

“That very night I was accompanied by my father-in-law and boyfriend’s brother to the police and filed for rape charges against my grandfather. I was in a fix and my boyfriend had told me that the only way he would accept me was if another man took responsibility of the pregnancy.”

The court heard that when Choice was being interviewed at the police station, she cited one of her aunts — Eric’s daughter-in-law as the first person she had relayed the rape issue to.

However, when the aunt was interviewed, she was shocked and professed ignorance about Choice being sexually violated by her grandfather.

As part of court proceedings, Matambo requested to have Choice be assessed by Childline officers to ascertain if her confession was voluntary.

It was established that Choice had given the same information to Childline.
In her report to the police, Choice alleged that between 2012 and 2013 in Johane Village, Chief Nechombo in Mutoko her grandfather asked her to wash his clothes for him since his wife was not present.

She further alleged that her grandfather then lifted her up and threw her on his bed before forcibly removing her underwear.
Choice claimed that Eric raped her and the following morning threatened her not to reveal the incident.
She further alleged that in July this year in Retreat Waterfalls, Eric had awoken her at night and raped her.—Tarisai Machakaire

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