Generator fired again

FORMER Jah Prayzah dancer and backing vocalist Evidence Mudzingo aka Generator was shown the exit door at Sam Dondo’s Impala Sunway Crooners a couple of weeks ago.

Mudzingo told the WeekendPost that she was fired for no apparent reasons.
“Sam fired me and I complied though I do not know the reasons behind,” Mudzingo said.

While Mudzingo was initially shown the exit door some months ago she was recalled back into the group, thanks to the management’s benevolence.

Mudzingo’s reputation has been since soiled in the showbiz with some sections of the media describing her as “troublesome” considering she had unceremoniously parted ways with a number of musical outfits and these include Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation, Chabvonga’s Afro-Ngorimbo Fusion and recently Dondo’s Impala Subway Crooners among others.

“I am neither a troublesome nor big-headed person. Most of the problems I am facing emanates from my silence after break-ups with musical groups. Some individuals are good at tarnishing other people’s reputation by talking a lot.

“As a result, unscrupulous band leaders took advantage of the purported soiled reputation to further exploit and then dump me on that basis,” she said.

Though Mudzingo claimed to be not good at talking, she revealed that she is excellent at sending prayers to God.

“I am not good at talking. I used to lead a simple and quiet life before showbiz and I was not raised in a quarrelling and bickering family.

“I was only taught to pray in times of trials and tribulations and I am happy that God always fight for me. Take for instance; Filda Muchabaiwa (former Jah Prayzah manageress) sacked me from the Third Generation for no apparent reason but look where she is now (she was also fired).

“All the people who had influenced Chabvonga to fire me had also left Afro-Ngorimbo one way or the other hence my silence does not necessarily mean quietness but I will be making noise to God, pushing Him to act,” she said.
Mudzingo is not worried about sprucing up her soiled image.
“Like any other people, I am bound to make mistakes but I’m not being big-headed as claimed by some.
“How can I be big-headed on projects that do not belong to me?
“Why should I fail to respect the people (band leaders) who help me to put food on the table?” she questioned.
Though Mudzingo has ambitions of starting her own musical outfit, she will temporarily take a break to concentrate on mending her private life.
“Given a second chance, yes I can re-join them but it is always hard to work with people that have betrayed your trust.
“Currently, I am concentrating on my Christian life as well as entertaining my husband at home though ambitions to start my own musical outfit are there,” she said.

Mudzingo described the local musical industry as filled with “vampires or blood suckers”.

“There is a lot of exploitation in the musical sector. People are only interested in you at the initial stages of a project and when a green light starts to show they sack you.

“After working so hard in Dondo and Jah Prayzah’s bands, I felt used. They all dumped me for no apparent reason,” she said.

Mudzingo joined Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation where she made a name as dancer and backing vocalist after parting ways with different artistes.

“I ventured into showbiz industry 18 years ago though people know me from Jah Prayzah. I worked with Ruth Mapfumo and Alexio Kawara among others as a backing vocalist before joining the Third Generation.
“I was not aware of my dancing talent until people said so when I was still with the Third Generation Band. I grew up in an apostolic church where we were not allowed to dance,” she said.—Vasco Chaya

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