Mhere shines before thousands

GOSPEL musician Mathias Mhere showcased his singing prowess before thousands when he performed at the recent Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries’ annual Night of Turn Around event last Friday night.

The pint-sized artiste shared the stage with both local and regional gospel singers; Freeman, Winnie Mashaba and Keke Phoofolo among others.

Since his career blossomed, it was Mhere’s first time to perform before such huge crowd and definitely he used the opportunity to his advantage.

He was unfazed and strategically performed songs that thrilled the crowd — something sure to help him expand his fan base beyond the borders.

The Favour hit-maker sampled a track titled Error from his forthcoming album Old Testament and the crowd quickly grasped the song and started singing along.

“I have confidence in the coming album. I have invested a lot in it and it was produced by Lyton Ngolomi who produced my other albums such as Anoita Minana,” Mhere said.

On the other hand, South Africans who graced the event warmed up to music from home as Mashaba and Phoofolo performed.

Both South African artistes used a bit of the Shona language here and there to please the crowd that was hugely dominated by Zimbabweans.

Mashaba greeted the crowd using Shona language while Pfoofolo went on to spice some of his lyrics with Shona.

Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries including South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Portugal among others turned up for the annual event and the crowd was historic.

“We have noticed that we actually made a mistake because this venue has proved to be too small, next time we are going to change the venue and we will go to our farm.

“People have tested the power; they know what God can do.
To my understanding there are more than 900 pastors, 50 prophets and 80 bishops in attendance; it’s an acknowledgement of what God is doing,” PHD founder Walter Magaya said.

“I’m overwhelmed and to see this support, I feel like God wants to raise me higher considering the number of people coming from outside the country.

“However, some of my foreign visitors were denied visas for unknown reasons but still I am happy with the turn out. —Vasco Chaya

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