Wife scalds hubby with hot porridge

AHARARE man had a rude awakening when his “abusive” wife poured hot porridge directly into his right ear.

Trust Chinanga yesterday approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against his wife Memory Chimanikire.

The couple has since separated.

Chinanga told the court his wife breached his peace by conducting herself violently against him.
“I am scared; I do not know what she is capable of doing next. I have scars all over my body due to beatings and attacks from my wife,” Chinanga told the court.

“ . . . that is not all, your worship; she has occasions where she poured her urine to my face. Recently, she attacked me with a cash box on the head and I sustained injuries.

Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda quizzed Chinanga whether he had made any police reports against his wife for the alleged attacks.

Chinanga responded: “When she burnt my right ear we went to the police and the only thing they could help me with was a reference letter to hospital for medical attention and I have the medical affidavit to prove so.

“If the court is amenable, I can come and show you the scars I sustained in my ear following that attack. I was lucky to be treated early that is the reason why the burns are no longer visible on my face.

“I just want the court to restrain my wife from such conduct as it endangers both of us.”
Dzuda inquired from Chimanikire if her husband’s allegations were true and she admitted to everything.

“Of course, everything that he said is true but how can he want me to be restrained yet I just got pregnant for him?”

However, Dzuda noted that Chinanga had omitted filing important parts of the application and dismissed the matter.

He ordered Chinanga to go through the application again before returning to court. —Tarisai Machakaire

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