Bustop TV's Magi ready to conquer

BUSTOP TV comedians Sharon “Magi” Chideu and Samanatha “Gonyeti” Kureya, who recently won Zimbabwe International Women Awards (Ziwa) gong in the People’s Choice Award category, are making their mark in Zimbabwe’s male-dominated comedy arena.

Magi is happy with the endorsement which is suddenly coming their way.

“It has been an uphill journey from the get-go. You know what it is like climbing hills, it is not easy, you get tired, your legs hurt but the view gets better as you go higher, the air becomes fresher.

“The people believe in us and saw us worthy of this award. Winning is pushing us to do more; it’s like a baby tasting sugar for the first time and now wants more,” Magi told the Weekend Post.

She added that winning the award has been made special by the fact that it was determined by votes from ordinary people.
“I am overwhelmed with gratitude. To win a People’s Choice Award means that it’s the people who made this possible, the people we aim to entertain each time we post a skit,” said Magi.

Winning the Ziwa gong appears to have given Magi and Gonyeti the self-belief to venture into stand-up comedy.
“I have in fact recently started stand-up (comedy) — actually that is two weeks ago. I have been doing just a few minutes on stage at Shorttime Comedy Tuesday at Gaby’s Restaurant; testing the waters,” she said.

Like most comedians, Magi started out as a member of a primary school drama club.

“I started off by doing theatre in school. It was just a school drama about HIV and Aids which we were made to do in primary school, when I was in Grade Seven.

“I enjoyed it so much that when I was in high school I joined the English drama club at Girls High School Harare. Then after that I studied directing and script writing at ZIFTESSA,” she said.

The bespectacled comedian is a mother of one.

“I am a single mother and have a daughter Samara, who just turned 2. Currently, I am not in any relationship. November 15 is my silver jubilee birthday, I will be 25.

“I am the first born of Sally Sifa and Charles Chideu, blessed to have their support through all this,” said Magi. —Sharon Muguwu

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