Sex workers terrorise Avenues

SEX workers are causing havoc in the capital’s Avenues area where they are harassing and robbing men going about their business.

And this is happening in broad daylight.

Previously, prostitution used to be rife at night, done under the cover of darkness, but now streets are filled throughout the day with scantily clad women pacing up and down looking for men to prey on.

In the past, talking about the oldest profession used to be taboo and the greatest insult to any woman was to call her a prostitute.

However, the story has changed as sex workers stand tall and proud of their profession, even daring to take men to the courts for failing to pay for services they would have rendered.
Their pictures are splashed in on pages of newspapers, as they with pride and sometimes shame talk about their trade.

A ruling made by the Constitutional Court last year outlawing the arrest of women found loitering “for the purposes of prostitution” seemed to have opened up the trade, now the women call out and grab men who will be walking by.

The competition for men is now stiff that just showing thighs is no longer enough for one to get a hook up.

But after the courts said women should not be targeted and picked up for loitering purposes, it has now become free for all.

The Avenues areas have become an unsafe place to raise children as almost naked ?women roam around street in broad day lights.

And lately it is not just the kids that need to be protected from the sex workers as men are falling victim to these women’s indecency.

The women are stopping at nothing to make money from plainly harassing passers-by to outright robbing them.

Some of the men have tried resisting the women who descend on their victims like a swarm of bees by becoming aggressive.

Their trick is to humiliate the man to the point that they blackmail him.

The sex workers now pounce on men claiming that they owe money for services rendered, creating a scene and threatening to call journalists to get them exposed. —Bridget Mananavire

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what's wrong with these ladies. They are now infringing some rights of innocent people. They were at the International Conference on Aids and STIs in Africa complaining about being harrassed by men and their rights were violeted but now this time they are doing something which i think is immoral. There are many associations which are advocating for these people. Please associations can you train your people to respect their clients not harrassing them. David Nhawu - 24 October 2016

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