Minister rants over bond notes

GAFFE-prone minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Manicaland, Mandi Chimene has made a startling claim that bond notes were a sanctions busting measure.

Chimene who recently called for the removal of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom he accused of running a parallel government while admitting to taking marijuana to enhance her work rate in a live televised broadcast, told farmers and exhibitors in Mutare recently that the token currency was meant to insulate the Zanu PF government from sanctions.

“Bond notes are meant to bust sanctions. They are meant to help us because if the owners of US dollars pull them out we will have a problem,” Chimene said giving a totally different interpretation to the reasons being proffered by Treasury.

Chimene then attacked those who demand the continued use of US dollars as economic saboteurs who want to supress the agricultural sector with cheap and unhealthy imports.

“People who want American dollars are people who want to bring cheap imports to compete and supress local agricultural produce. Most of the produce is also unhealthy because how can it be so cheap, we don’t even know how they produce it,” Chimene ranted.

She dismissed as lies comparisons between bond notes and bearer cheques whose use was also confined to the country’s borders.

“It’s a lie that they are the same as bearers’ cheques,” the minister said.—Bernard Chiketo

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