Wedding fiasco an indictment on society

REPORTS of a man whose wedding was scuttled by his wife at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts is of great concern and is an embarrassment not only to the husband but also men in general.

This puts pressure on people not to indulge in infidelity as this results in unnecessary attention and make people fools in the eyes of the public.

It is always necessary for people to deal with their domestic issues before they leap to the next step.
According to the story of the man whose wedding was stopped at the court, his wife claimed they have been married for several years and have four children.

Despite having been married under the customary law union, the magistrate ruled that the man had not properly divorced his wife in terms of what is expected under the statute.

He therefore, ruled that the two are still formally married; hence he could not proceed to marry his new mistress.

While it is fact that people fall in love and sometimes fall out of love, the process needs to be done properly to avoid any of the embarrassments as witnessed at Harare Magistrates’ Courts on Wednesday.

It is embarrassing that a couple ended up attempting to secretly tie the knot at the court yet a wedding should be an event that should be enjoyed with the approval of all relatives.

The 65-year-old man was left with egg on his face after the incident that drew the attention of several court officials and the general public.

The media could not be left out, as it “feasted” on this free-for-all show that surely made headlines.
It is an issue that ended up being blown out of proportion; a good day that turned horrible.

It is not only the man or the mistress who were left embarrassed by the incident, it is the whole family whose name was left in the mud.

According to the man’s wife, their eldest child is 25, meaning the man is ready to be a grandfather.
It is always difficult to stomach such acts when they are committed by a man of his age, who should be role models to the society and his children.

At his age, the man was supposed to be giving guidelines to the younger generation.
There was no need for the man to be secretive since a wedding is supposed to be an event where family and friends celebrate as well.

As a result, the Wednesday fiasco is an indictment on all men and women who would want to get a marriage solemnised covertly.

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