WeUtonga celebrates 10 years of marriage

WHILE one of Hollywood’s power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting divorced, musician Edith WeUtonga and her husband filmmaker Elton Mjanana are celebrating 10 years of marriage.

The WeekendPost caught up with them and they shared their beautiful love story on how they have managed to stay together over the years not only as husband and wife, but as best friends.

“My greatest memories start from the time we met, the vibrant friendship that has remained even in marriage. Our marriage ceremony was something I will never forget. My husband standing by my side when I almost lost my life, loving me when I was at my ‘ugliest’ and being there for all our children’s births gave me the assertion, I got a winner,” said WeUtonga.

She was involved in a fatal accident that scared her, left three people dead but her husband stood by her side all the way.

A few years ago they were hit with another challenge, with their son requiring money for surgery in India which many Zimbabweans cannot afford.

“The greatest achievement thus far has been the fight for our son’s life, taking him to India and giving him a chance at a healthy life again. Being able to concurrently run successful careers, raise a healthy, beautiful brood and still love each other daily.

“Reflections on the 10 years, the years have been the best. There were huge fights, great reconciliations, great spousal support at work and at home. Now I am at university and he still stands by me, running a home of energetic boys and a girl. What more can a girl want? ” she asked.

Mjanana reflected on the children the couple has.

“We have had memorable 10 years but mostly we remember the love, the home-building and the beautiful brood we have been blessed with.

“For me, it’s the day of the marriage ceremony itself and the feeling of being married the following morning. Buying our first piece of furniture, the first pregnancy and being in the labour ward and for the births of all the kids. We have started and maintained a healthy and happy home filled with kids’ laughter and cries.

“We also had our son who needed special medical attention as he was in a critical condition and we managed to pull our love, friends, prayers and associates to make him well again,” said Mjanana.

WeUtonga is currently president of the Zimbabwe Musicians Union (Zimu). Some of her albums include Utonga and Kwacha.

She has had an illustrious career which kicked off at Intwasa and has performed at platforms such as Hifa, toured several European countries. She is also an actress. —Sharon Muguwu

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