Thank you, Mighty Warriors

OUR Mighty Warriors lost all their games in the Rio Olympics, well, they were playing against teams way mightier than them, but in their loss they inscribed their place in history.

They did us proud and showed to the world that Zimbabwe can produce something worth smiling about even when we are at the losing end.

For starters their journey was arduous, it was never smooth sailing as the preparations were in the main shambolic.

The diet they were given while in camp was pathetic and they was no incentive serve for their inspiring stories which now remain etched on the minds of all those who dare to dream.

Even the jerseys they had to put on during the tournament, at the grandest stage of them all when all eyes are trained on the Olympians, were horrible.

Nonetheless, the ladies put up a brave show and even in defeat bowed out of the tournament having stolen the hearts of many.

From football legends like Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany to bloggers from across the world said the Zimbabwe’s women football Olympic team inspired and made a mark even in defeat.

Regardless of the shoddy preparations that almost mirror the present state of the nation the Mighty Warriors weaved in the minds of many that despite the gloom there is something that can come from Zimbabwe.

We were inspired by the team spirit and resilience just as we are by the stories of Zimbabweans who are cobbling a life in almost hopeless circumstances.

We are not celebrating mediocrity, but we are celebrating a captivating story of women who collectively rose against all odds and went to Brazil to represent not only Africa but those who come from the third world, who dream of shining at the biggest stage.

It is an inspirational story of the girl child who managed to better the boy and represent a whole continent even in the face of adversity from family members.

We hope the story of the Mighty Warriors will inspire many people who are faced with a bleak future.

Let this be a story to give hope to those millions facing hunger for what they showed us in gracious defeat is never give up.

Against all odds the lasses inspired us and rose to the occasion and hopefully as a nation we will learn that even though the leadership has seemingly forgotten us, we have our own unique story to write and offer a ray of hope to the present generation.


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