VP Mphoko, unfit for leadership role

IF RECENT moves by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko in which he is accused of facilitating the release of two suspects from a Harare police station, are anything to go by, then the country is in big trouble.

Mphoko made headlines recently after claims that he facilitated the release of incarcerated Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) acting chief executive officer Moses Juma and the parastatal’s non-executive director Davison Norupiri.

The two were picked up by members of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, on accusations of criminally abusing their offices.

Following these arrests, reports indicated that Mphoko drove all the way to the police station where he forcibly facilitated the release of the two.

It is these social ills and corrupt activities that have kept us down, when we are supposed to move forward as a nation.There is no doubt that these actions border on excessive abuse of power and the selective application of the law.

With such acts from a respectable person of Mphoko’s stature, it is worrisome for the nation on how ordinary citizens must in turn behave. What of those who have no one to stand for them in high offices, what do they do?

This clearly shows that some people are in prison right now because they have no one from high offices to stand up for them in times of need.

They are forced to pay the price for being nonentities. But it is high time the government begins to walk the talk if indeed it is sincere in dealing with corruption.

It appears the government is acting in a hypocritical way, as the leaders themselves in the form of Mphoko are unwilling to accommodate sanity. What is very clear in our society is the fact that corruption is rife and has been the biggest causal factor of the country’s poverty.

Several people who do not have the means will always remain at the periphery of the society, as they cannot afford to access certain provisions that may at times be for free. What Mphoko reportedly did shows that he does not deserve to be a vice president.

He does not have the capacity and qualities of a leader.How can he stand and speak against corruption when he acts to the contrary?   For long now, he has been staying in an expensive hotel, enjoying the taxpayers’ money.

All his actions point to a leader who does not care about the people that he presides over. He is insincere, considers himself above the law, untouchable and too important to live like any ordinary Zimbabwean.

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