Govt blasted for gross violation of human rights

ZIMBABWE Human Rights Association (ZimRights) notes the terrible breakdown in the rule of law and gross violation of human rights in Zimbabwe fuelled by police details with the support of government.

ZimRights director Okay Machisa said regarding the recent #Shutdown Zimbabwe protests and mass action, his organisation urges the government to urgently respond to people’s concerns against corruption, economic collapse, unemployment, lack of democracy and breakdown in the rule of law.

“The government of Zimbabwe has worryingly allowed and even encouraged the law enforcement agencies to act with impunity and trample on people’s human rights during the recent #Shutdown Zimbabwe protests across the country.

“These developments deeply put into question the Zanu PF government led by President Robert Mugabe’s commitment to upholding the Bill of Rights, and democracy, signifying a return to increased breakdown in the rule of law and State repression,” said Machisa.

He said it is shocking that instead of providing answers to the current problems bedevilling the country and clearly fuelling the protests, the government remains in a state of denial about its role in both causing and resolving the Zimbabwean crisis.

“Instead of reminding police officers to carry out their duties in a way that preserves fundamental human rights, public officials such as the president, minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Commissioner of Police and Home Affairs minister have turned a blind eye to these human rights violations.

“Government agencies are therefore complicit in the inhuman and degrading treatment of citizens currently happening in Zimbabwe and have worryingly made statements that urge the security institutions to act contrary to the Constitution,” said Machisa.

He said the deaths of two people, including a toddler at Burombo Flats in Bulawayo related to the #shutdown Zimbabwe protest action, due to police actions and lack of official apology from government shows the basic disregard to human life.

“ZimRights unreservedly condemns police actions of assaulting and teargassing citizens for expressing their grievances as the actions flagrantly violate the fundamental right to protest and the freedom of expression and speech.

“The current harassment of numerous activists, who have been arrested and detained is testimony of the government’s unacceptable willingness to stifle democratic expression. There is growing evidence that the State has resorted to using prosecution and bail conditionalities as a means of persecution, which acutely erodes and mocks the integrity of the justice delivery system.”

Machisa added that ZimRights calls upon the international community to not only closely monitor the developments in Zimbabwe, but to act swiftly in the protection of citizens, who are at the mercy of the repressive government.

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