Grace goes biblical

IT WAS a rare sight last week as First Lady Grace Mugabe turned into a preacher, teaching about God’s healing power, presenting a totally different side from what the public had become accustomed to.

To the people of Zimbabwe and the rest of the world, the Grace they knew was someone shouting at people and getting them in line.

At one point, she even described herself as a: “Gudo rapihwa pembe (a madman who had been given power)”.

But while officially opening Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls, Harare, a brainchild of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga) leader Ezekiel Guti, Grace sang a different tune. She sang gospel tunes and quoted verses from the Bible, verses which she said were not known by many.

The woman who is behind the fall of Zanu PF bigwigs, including, former Vice President Joice Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa among others, was all about revival last week.

“It is indeed God who heals and at this juncture allow me to open my Bible and read some scriptures to add on to why we strongly believe that it is God who heals!

“In most of the Bibles you wouldn’t find in Ecclesiastes this chapter, I think most of them end maybe at probably Chapter 12 or 16 there about but mine goes on, it has many chapters,” Grace said as she flipped the pages of her Bible.

“In fact that’s where we took the verse we used at our wedding. Let me read out what I want to read here ‘medicine and illness’ I’m reading to you ‘medicine and illness’ Chapter 38 ‘treat the doctor with the honour that is his due in consideration of his service, for he too has been created by the Lord, Healing itself comes from the Most High. Like a gift received from a King the doctor’s learning keeps his head high… The lord has brought forth medicinal herbs from the ground and no one sensible will despise them…”

The First Lady, who was accompanied her daughter Bona, son-in-law Simba Chikore and the new grandchild Simbanashe also preached about the works of Dorcas in the Bible, comparing the works of Dorcas to the Hospital.

“You will recall the biblical story of Dorcas, also known Tabitha in the book of Acts chapter 9 verses 36-43. The story is a great inspiration to many in the Christian walk.

“The story of Dorcas teaches us of the meaning of Christian love and service. She was a disciple of Jesus who lived in Joppa, the chief seaport of Palestine at the time.

“It is believed worshippers used to meet and worship in Dorcas’ home,” Grace preached.

“In the same manner, patients will be admitted and housed at this institution, and get the necessary assistance. Although little is known about her, Dorcas is rightly described as a woman who was always doing good and helping the poor, an attribute which moulds reputable and professional health care practitioners. 

“It is my hope that just like Dorcas helped many dead to rise from the dead, patients admitted into Mbuya Dorcas Hospital seemingly lifeless, will walk out of this hospital’s wards, with radiant faces and healthy bodies.”

She even went on to bless 93-year-old Guti with more years “so that those who doubted you can see it for themselves that if you believe in the Lord Almighty nothing is impossible, you are a great man, and we shall always remember you as a great man.” —Bridget Mananavire

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