Mugabe's puppet goes viral

A  SATIRICAL video of Africa’s long serving leaders has gone viral on social media where puppets of presidents, including our own Robert Mugabe sing their own version of the Zambain Roberto’s Ama Rulah hit track.

The video titled  I am a ruler was produced by Kenyan XYZ production company and features puppets of former presidents; Nigerian Olusegun Obasanjo, Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi, President Yoweri Museveni, Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Mugabe grooving to the track.

The XYZ show is a puppet political satire show which has produced episodes of political satire since 2009 and the I am a ruler episode has over  4 000 views on Youtube.

In this particular episode, it features Mugabe and Museveni puppets sharing their experiences as rulers. It starts with an image sign: “Alcoholics anonymous, Drunk on power support group”.

It moves to the Obasango puppet asking: “Would anybody want to share the experiences as the ruler wherever they are?” 

The Kagame and Museveni puppets pass the button to Mugabe and Museveni goes to wake a napping Mugabe puppet to start sharing.

“Oh yes allow me my name is Roberto, and I am a ruler,” says the Mugabe puppet rhyming with of the Ama Rulah song.

The Ama Rulah beats starts and the puppet of Mugabe breaks into song. “My name is Roberto, Oh have you seen my, so sweet Zimbabwe?” the Mugabe and Museveni puppets dance holding hands.

“I came in the 80’s, still ruling in the 90s, not handing over, but I don’t care now, so sweet Zimbabwe you can’t touch me, cause I am a ruler.”

“Oh we don’t get out easily; we can rule all night to the morning, no election…democracy will take this presidency from me. Oh oh oh I am a ruler nobody can slow me down.”

The episode also shows the puppet in a hospital ward sanding with a drip.

Museveni then comes in with his verse where he also says he is a ruler in “sweet Uganda, ruling from the 80s.”

In the video, Kagame puppet is just seen dancing providing backing vocals.  This is not the first time the production company has made an episode on Mugabe as in 2011 the company did another one showing a Mugabe puppet getting a check-up in Singapore.

In 2010, South African Afro-pop band Freshlyground also did a controversial Mugabe puppet video from their song Chicken to Change song.

Last year, the band was barred from entering Zimbabwe to perform at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa), as officials claimed that the band had not attained a work permit to perform, and Hifa on the other hand saying they had done all procedures to clear the group.— Bridget Mananavire

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