MPs beg for foreign trips

ZANU PF MPs have asked non-governmental organisations to take them on foreign trips so they learn how other countries have gone around the issue of devolution of power.

Legislators for Bikita East and Buhera South, Kenneth Matimba and Joseph Chinotimba respectively made the request on Tuesday when the Public Policy Research Institute of Zimbabwe (PRIZ) appeared before the Local Government parliamentary portfolio committee to clarify their recent petition on devolution of power.

“If you genuinely want Parliament to speed up the alignment of the laws to ensure devolution is implemented, why don’t you mobilise resources to take us to neighbouring countries ...,” Matimba requested citing government’s bankruptcy.

He was, however, reprimanded by the acting committee chairperson MDC legislator for Glen Norah, Webster Maondera, who was standing in for Irene Zindi.

“I do not think it is in our interest as a committee to ask private partners to fund us. It is the role of Parliament because if we beg for their funding we will be compromised as a committee,” Maondera said.

But despite the admonishment, Chinotimba sought to emphasise the MPs’ desire to travel abroad.

“May be he said it the wrong way but what he wanted to say is that the civic society should mobilise funds to take us to those countries even to Europe and America ...,” Chinotimba said. 

Over 50 civic society groups led by PRIZ lodged a petition with the august House in February requesting Parliament to exercise its power in terms of Section 119 of the country’s Constitution to ensure that relevant government ministries and departments fully implement Chapter 14 of the Constitution on devolution.—Mugove Tafirenyika

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