Movie family fun day hailed

STER KINEKOR Westgate’s Family Fun Day Movie Marathons are proving to be a success as seen by the rise in numbers of people attending.

Ster Kinekor Westgate branch manager, Simbisai Mwachitama, said people came in their numbers as compared to the previous marathons.

“This time we had over 800 people coming through on Saturday. This was a better attendance than what we have been having. It seems people are really appreciative of what we are doing.
“It is our way of giving back to our clients and appreciating the support they give us. Our appreciation comes through watching three movies from one ticket,” she said.

There was fun for the whole family as children enjoyed themselves watching their favourite movies, which included Kung Fu Panda 3, Batman VS Superman and others.
There was also music entertainment provided by DJs.
“What then makes it a family fun day is the fact that there are lots of activities that take place. Children will be playing on water slides, jumping castles, watching movies and the parents can even join in the fun.

“We have the movie marathons during the first weekend and last weekend of the school holidays. We started in October last year and have not stopped since then,” Mwachitama said.
Since the renovations done at Ster Kinekor movie theatres in 2012, Zimbabweans have started going back to the culture of visiting cinemas.

The practice had died but when the facilities were upgraded, more and more people are having movie dates.
It has also allowed people to watch world movie premieres with the rest of the globe, unlike a few years back when movie lovers had to wait for pirated copies.

Parents also expressed delight over the marathons, branding them great ideas.

“There were a few activities to do with family in Harare and this family fun day has just made holidays more interesting for our children.

“The environment is conducive in that the children can enjoy themselves and we can also enjoy ourselves as adults by sitting back and watching a movie. It is not everyday that you can think of visiting a movie house,” said one parent identified as Mai Chari.—Sharon Muguwu

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