Teachers forced to pay for independence festivities

TEACHERS in Mvurwi are reportedly being forced to sponsor the national Independence Day celebrations due next month.
The celebrations have consistently been held over the past three decades, and although government insists that contributors do so of their own will, reports of coercive extraction of donations have been surfacing from across the country.

Sources said teachers in Mazowe District, notably Ceasar Primary School have been made to sign a compulsory register acknowledging that they had received the information that they were supposed to contribute $1 each towards the event. The register was seen as a move to fish out defaulters.

Reports are that school heads were responsible for coordinating the fundraising, although it was not clear where the money went from there.

A teacher at one of the schools confirmed, saying the directive appeared to have come through the district education offices at Glendale in Mazowe. But previously Zanu PF party structures have been used to organise the celebrations.

“It had been demanded that the money should have been paid by the time we closed school for the holidays,” the source added.
However, since schools have closed for the holidays it was not clear what fate would be awaiting defaulters after everyone who had received the notification were particularly made to sign in a register kept by the school heads.

ZimRights director Okay Machisa, said although nothing was wrong for those who are willing to part with their money to freely do so, such contributions could not be compulsory.

“While there is nothing wrong for those who are willing to contribute to go ahead, what is worrying is that such donations are being collected as if they are compulsory,” said Machisa.
“Teachers like all civil servants already pay for national programmes through formal taxes.

That we have consistently heard reports of these so-called donations over the years raises the obvious question whether it has become government policy?

“The collection of money through other channels beyond public taxes does not only mean that such donations should clearly not be compulsory, but they are equally open to falling into the hands of fraudulent people.”

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