Anointed soap to bring back lost lovers?

A Glen View preacher will roll out an “anointed” so-called Eva soap as an Easter’s miracle which he said is capable of bringing back lost lovers and igniting lost sexual passion among couples that are growing distant.

Tapiwa Freddy of Goodness and Mercy Ministries said female congregants just have to wash their underwear with the soap or use it for bathing.

“Just make sure the soap passes where he has lost interest and you will definitely come back with a testimony,” the soft-spoken preacher said.

“To the singles, if you are unlucky in love, anointed soap is the answer, you will find men approaching you, they will see you attractive and beautiful.

“Ugly women will be married this season because of what God will be doing through anointed soaps.”

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, marked through the forthcoming March 25 - 27 Easter holiday, is the greatest miracle in human history.

Freddy said his anointed soap brings back lost lovers and ignites lost sexual passion among couples that are growing distant.
The controversial Glen View preacher said he will seal his devotion to the Saviour by officially performing this amazing miracle during the forthcoming holiday. He said he informed his church of the soap last Friday, and many have been gobsmacked by the results.

He said those in attendance will bear testimony of the Saviour’s resurrection and confirm the truth of the testimony that Jesus was slain on Calvary’s hill and rose from the dead, and his sacrifice made possible the gift of eternal life to all who will keep his commandments.

Beginning with Palm Sunday and continuing on through Ascension Day, Freddy said he will perform miracles on Friday and repeat on Saturday, then on Sunday there is a day-long programme at the Glen View 8 church.

The preacher, who has claimed to perform miracles, including recovering stolen goods and exposing cheating husbands, has anchored his ministry on so-called “spiritual spectacles”.
He said the Eva soap miracle was testimony that in a world of brutality and strife, Jesus Christ offers the only true peace, adding peace was possible — in our homes, our hearts and our lives.

He urged church goers to find peace by developing personal righteousness, serving others and turning to God in prayer to live a higher law, walk a more elevated road and be a better disciple of Christ.

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