Migrants from Harare cause havoc in Domboshawa


PEOPLE from Harare are migrating to nearby Domboshawa in droves as they run away from the high costs of living in the city, causing havoc in the area.

Residents of Domboshawa are up in arms with the new settlers as the area is now overpopulated. One of the councillors in Domboshawa, Thomas Ngwerume said people fleeing economic hardships in the capital are causing land shortage in the area.
“We are worried about the ever-increasing number of new residents coming from Harare. The majority of them are coming without following proper channels.

“The development has led to massive parcelling out of land formerly reserved for farming and grazing,” said Ngwerume.
Due to economic hardships, Domboshawa residents are being tempted to sell some small portions of land to willing buyers, mainly from Harare.

Ngwerume said landlords in the area are more concerned about making money. “It is important for those people selling land to also consider other social factors before they sell land,” he said.
Many people now prefer to reside in Domboshawa where life is cheaper and the abundance of clean and unpolluted air is also inviting, therefore the majority of people are commuting to and from the city centre.

“Of late, we are living like we are in town. People no longer afford to greet each other as we used to do back in the days as people have become more individualistic.

“The influx of people has also caused high levels of crime such as murder and theft among others,” said Ngwerume.
However, it is not only Domboshawa being affected by the expansion of Harare but also surrounding areas including Seke, Manyame and even Marondera among others.

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