New condoms excite locals

MEN and women in Zimbabwe welcomed the new condoms, which were introduced at the recently-held International Conference of HIV and STIs (Icasa), with much enthusiasm.
Not only were the men excited about the condoms to the point that the glow in the dark condom ran out, but they got excited about the new range of female condoms too.

According to the Condomise Campaign agents at the conference, the new Cupid female condom was a hit with the men, as they said it had some pleasuring effects during the sexual act.

“Most of the feedback came from men maybe because women are not free to discuss their sexual explorations.
“According to them, during the sexual act they will be coming in contact with the sponge inside the condom and they said it gave them some sort of sensation,” said one of the agents at the Condomise booth at the community village Senior HIV Technical Advisor, United Nations Population Fund Bidia Deperthes said the innovations were meant to make the female condom more user-friendly and to break certain cultural barriers.

“I tell you, what I always tell women is that you are not the ones who should insert the condoms yourselves a man should do it for you. It makes it easier even for those whose cultures forbid for a woman to insert a finger or objects inside herself, you can get your man to do it for you.”

Apart from the sponged Cupid condom, the Condomise team also had a panty condom, which drew a lot of interest from both men and women, however, this one was still a development and not yet approved by the World Health Organisation.

One woman, who wanted only to be recognised as Chipo, said the Icasa time was the only time women could get to explore the condom world without any judging eyes.

“This is the time to freely get these condoms, after this we won’t get them anywhere else,” she said. A favourite of the men and women, the glow in the dark condoms, seem to have been crafted with Zimbabweans in mind.

The glowing condoms ran out on Wednesday afternoon, after people realised what it did, with scrambles for the last ones.
The Condomise Campaign staff had to bring in an additional consignment of the glowing commodity but now limiting to only two condoms per person as they wanted to give them to as many people as possible.

Among other condoms were some extra-large and slim-fit varieties. They said they decided to use the “slim-fit” instead of “small” to make it more attractive.

More than 800 000 condoms were distributed at the conference, which ended on Friday last week, with more condoms being given to non-governmental organisations that would further distribute the condoms to Zimbabweans.—Bridget Mananavire

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