Grace is offside

RECENT revelations that the farming equipment that First Lady Grace Mugabe was “donating” to  her post-congress Zanu PF supporters does not belong to her party as they were sourced by government makes sad reading.

Zimbabweans in general and tax payers in particular have every reason to be apoplectic when government sinks so low as to allow the abuse of public funds by a political party.
And opposition MDC Members of Parliament were right when they grilled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the National Assembly on Wednesday over the issue.

That President Robert Mugabe’s controversial wife had the audacity to even declare that Mashonaland Central Province, where she engaged in some of the supposedly “philanthropic” works donating tractors and other goodies, is really tragic.
The things that Grace is shamelessly claiming to be hers are not hers and she must be ashamed of making such claims.

And the fact that such donations are made in the name of Zanu PF spell doom for supporters of the opposition who will, for obvious reasons, be denied access to implements that are sourced using tax payers monies.

And indeed Grace’s actions are not philanthropic by any stretch of the imagination but an attempt to siphon off political brownie points from an international loan agreement.

Mugabe’s wife poses a danger to the country as one think tank rightly noted. She has the potential of shooing away investors as very few countries want to funnel their money to partisan programmes. What if the government changes?
She is using donor money and donor loans to do so, placing any further international assistance at some risk and must therefore be stopped.

While Zanu PF is traditionally known for distributing farm inputs and food handouts  meant for all citizens in need on a partisan lines especially towards election time, this time they have taken it to new levels — taking possession of equipment government sourced on loan from Brazil.

Attempts by Mnangagwa to hoodwink Zimbabweans into believing that Grace was not donating the equipment to party supporters, is not only evidence that government takes us for fools but also an exercise in futility as we are not as dippy as he probably thinks.

Kuwadzana MP Nelson Chamisa made that point clearly when he demanded to know when the Zanu PF secretary for women’s league would visit the MDC and other opposition party supporters with the same donations.

For how on earth  are other Zimbabweans, who may actually be in the majority, going to benefit from government aid when it distributed at rallies?

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