Zimbabweans deserve better

IN 2013 President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF were pushing hard for elections, they were tired of Morgan Tsvangirai as the Prime Minister and tired of the MDC as ruling partners, they went on to win the elections through fair or foul means and today govern unrestrained, or so it should seem.

With Tsvangirai gone, they must be free to do as they desperately longed to do; create two million + jobs, improve the country’s dilapidated infrastructure, improve power generating capacity and restore the country to its former bread basket status.

But it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to see that the reverse is actually happening, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs under Mugabe’s watch, the country’s roads are in such a bad shape to the extent that the word potholes is now a misnomer while the railway network is as bad as non-existent and for the umpteenth time millions are faced with hunger.

As bad as things are and that is not even the apt description of the misery that Zimbabweans have to endure under the watch of a nonagenarian Mugabe who now ploughs through wrong speeches, tumbles when he walks unsupported and is usually absent from the country — globetrotting and bringing nothing tangible.

It is a circus indeed, that while the country is burning, those who claim to be in charge of our lives as leaders, are engaged in bitter succession wrangles apparently oblivious to the suffering of the broad masses who now live on the benevolence of the heavens.

While the country is burning, Zanu PF is chasing shadows, fighting the daughter they rejected Joice Mujuru and have forgotten the suffering among the people.

Mugabe should know that threatening the media as he did last week is not the prescription that will solve the country’s myriad problems; he should first solve the succession issue devouring his party by naming a successor and should stop clinging to Zimbabwe as if he was born clutching it in his hands.

Long suffering Zimbabweans deserve a break from this mundane circus that is at most tragic and leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
When he fired Mujuru and her allies, Mugabe said he was solving the scourge of factionalism, but even a blind man can see that there are so many factions now than in 2014 and that is a practical joke that is not funny but is repeating itself with devious consequences on the country.

Staffing ministerial posts just to appease his warring underlings is not the solution but a farther and unwarranted drain on the already overburdened taxpayer.

Why should a country with a population less than half that of South Africa, have almost the same number of ministers?
We do not need this bloated and expensive Cabinet. Zimbabweans want efficiency and tangible efforts towards economic revival.

We have waited for the efficiency in governance that you said was being hampered by your GNU partners. Sadly, you seem to have come out worse and suffering Zimbaweans now, long for those days when they felt safe in their jobs and civil servants were certain to get their salaries on time.

Mugabe’s government has surely raised the middle finger to the masses who “resoundingly” voted them into power.
We deserve a break Mr. President.

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