Strip tease a hit in Harare bars

WHAT seemed to be taboo five years ago is now being done in the open, with strip clubs flourishing all over Harare, particularly in high density suburbs.

Strip clubs only seemed to exist on television with movies like Magic Mike, Stripper Academy, I Know Who Killed Me, and others, but Zimbabweans seem to have taken the tradition on board.

It however did not emerge in the 1980s in Hollywood, but back in the 1940s with the film Lady Of Burlesque, which was released in 1943. Burlesque is a variety show, typically including striptease.
According to the urban dictionary, Burlesque was popular in the 1840s in Europe; it also became popular in Canada and the United States at about this time.

By the 1880s Burlesque had made a name for itself and had certain rules, including: minimum costuming, sexually-related dialogue, witty remarks that were easy to laugh at and easy to follow entertaining skits.

In Zimbabwe, ordinary clubs/bars have been turned into strip clubs mainly on Thursdays China Chemadzimai, fashioned after the Christian Church’s women’s Thursday gatherings.
There is a strip club in Harare CBD where people openly have sex, in front of patrons.

Regular patrons told this publication that seeing people having sex in this pub was not something new. “We are used to this, people who frequent this place know very well about these things,” said the patron.

Stripping is however not secluded to the CBD, but high density areas well. In Chitungwiza at Chikwanha stripping was recently introduced. Regulars at the drinking spot say they were first shocked when the trend started.

“I was shocked when I got into the club, to find young girls, younger than my daughters stripping. It is not something that I had ever come across and to be honest I was disgusted and I left.

“I avoid days like Thursday because that’s when I know it all goes down,” said one reveller called Tawaz.
However, it seems like it’s only the elderly that are disgusted, as the youths seem to have fully embraced the trend.

“It’s something that I would only see in American movies, for it to have come here that means we are moving with the times. Since it started a few months ago I have never missed a session, it’s a different kind of entertainment,” said a patron identified as Ras Bee.

The club owners who requested anonymity said in the harsh economic times, they had to take measures to keep their businesses afloat.

“Just offering music is not enough, or even having artistes come and perform. This adult industry is paying off as the girls are desperate for money, so we meet halfway. It’s no longer an issue about morals, but about survival,” said one club owner who preferred anonymity.

Harpers Mapimhidze, Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (Daz) administrator said he was summoned by the police last week.
“Striping yanyanyisa hazvisi kuita. They are running away from Harare, they are inserting candles down their privates. Muno muHarare muri kunetsa, they are now getting out of hand. And they are now going to places outside Harare because of the police raids.

“Some of the groups are Team Lollypop, Freaky Barbie dolls, Naked Weapon. They are registered under Daz but we are not pleased. I was summoned by the police sometime last week, so I am hoping to take measures. The police said they were going to have their licences revoked and arrest them as what they are doing is not allowed,” he said.

Ironically, Mapimhidze manages Bev Sibanda who  has a penchant for controversy. At some point, a local beverages manufacturer threatened to have her arrested after  she  inserted a bottle in her private parts during a show.—Sharon Muguwu

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