Nude pictures stir controversy

THE circulation of nude pictures and sex videos over the last two years has taken an upward surge on social media.

In two consecutive years, crown holders of the Miss Zimbabwe pageant have had their bodies on display across social networks.
Miss Zimbabwe 2015 Emily Kachote faces possible dethroning if the Miss Zimbabwe Trust confirms the nude pictures circulating on social media are her’s.

Television personality Rebecca Chisamba said the surge in circulation of nude pictures was an insult to Zimbabwean culture.
Chisamba said it was taboo and a belittling practice which showed the moral decay that society now had.

“This can be equated to witchcraft as witches are the only people who by chance can be seen in their naked state,” she said.
The talk show host said the practice also showed just how cheap those involved in it were, as they were flaunting their bodies for quick money.

An emotionally-charged Chisamba said according to the law it is an illegal practice which both the photographer and subject should be punished for.

“People are now so corrupt that they will do anything for quick money without thinking of how it will affect their family, friends and communities. People should not be greedy for money at the expense of their dignity,” she said.

Chisamba said the act of taking nude pictures is a sign of laziness as people take shortcuts to get money, however the money and career are short-lived.

She said mothers will be judged badly because of the actions of their children yet they are not to be blame for such actions.
Chisamba said the vetting system at the Miss Zimbabwe should be checked as two crown holders cannot be implicated in a similar scandal in consecutive years.

She said that there may be no accurate checks on models to show their background and as such Zimbabwe finds herself dealing with the same problem.

“There should be an in-depth vetting exercise when it comes to this current crop of models. We cannot repeat the same problem and not root it out. This should be a practice that society deems normal,” Chisamba said.

Award-winning urban grooves singer Cindy Munyavi thinks it is all about the new technology and the fact that when people are in love they don’t think their affairs will end and it’s worse when it ends badly.

“My advice to all young models is that they should avoid nudies no matter how much one loves someone,” Munyavi said.
South Africa-based journalist and editor Patience Rusere says the more we have new technologies, the more we have access to it.

Rusere said people do not realise that when taking nude pictures, their gadgets may fall in the wrong hands which for a famous girl may become newsworthy.

“ I mean how many times men or women have said things on social media without thinking, in the spur of the moment kind of thing.”

“In our society a picture of a nude woman causes a stir — compare a man who moves around with his butt out in jeans that hang and a woman wearing a mini skirt — who gets the most attention?,” she asked.

Harare West legislator Jessie Fungayi Majome says she is confused why young women take nude pictures of themselves.
Majome said people do not know the possible ramifications of their actions when they take such pictures.

She said maybe for beauty pageant contestants it is not that odd as that is also in the same ‘flesh trade’ that they are in.
The Member of Parliament said generally it is sad that ICTs have broadened the terrain for the sexual harassment and abuse of women.

“It appears that in this case the woman concerned didn’t consent to either the taking of her photographs or their publication. Her constitutional rights to human dignity and privacy have been violated.

“Sadly this phenomenon is increasing globally with even the advent of websites that allow the posting of revenge photos of women photoshopped to nakedness. Women must use the human and legal rights framework to enforce protection from this abusive and exploitative trend,” Majome said.

A publicist with an entertainment and showbiz company who refused to be named says she blames technology for all this mess.

She said values are now generally lost as people are finding new exciting ways to fascinate themselves each day, so you follow what’s trending and enjoy it even if it means you getting pictures of yourself naked so that your boyfriend can enjoy you when you are not there.

“As a girl growing up, I was told my body is sacred and not to be seen, but now well there are lots of exceptions, girls now kiss other girls, do the wildest things ever just for the sake of amusement without giving a damn.

“The Church should come in full force in instilling values in children from when they are really young and take advantage of technology,” she said.— Hellen Kadirire

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